Ronan Industries, Inc., offers free on site consultation and designs. We guarantee and stand behind all obj56geo46pg5p12packaging products that are custom built and designed by our company for your company’s needs. All designs are done in-house and by our qualified employees. Shipping is provided through our facility for your convenience. Ronan Industries, Inc., is currently servicing all Midwest states, and is only a phone call away for your questions, concerns and/or comments.

Ronan Industries, Inc., is certified in the heat treat ISPM-15. This certification is for solid wood packing material used inobj67geo57pg4p12-2 exports. Ronan Industries, Inc., has been certified since 2001 when the European Union required the Heat Treatment Stamp. We are continually updated on the requirement changes which would keep your company one step ahead.

Our Products and Services Include:

  • Design and Prototype Work Associated with Packaging
  • Wholesale Custom Wood Pallets – Domestic and Export
  • Wholesale Custom Wood Crates – Domestic and Export
  • Convenience of Shipping Directly From our Facility
  • Small Volume Logistical Services
  • Service Parts Packaging
  • CNC Panel Saw for Cut to Size Plywood and OSB
  • Transcut Saw for Bundle Cut Stock
  • Resaw for Cut to Size Board Thickness and length

Examples of Custom Work/Services: